Under Who?

As of earlier this week, there has been an uprising of voices in the public school system. A young boy the age of 12 has refused to stand up during The Pledge of Allegiance that morning. “As usual the President says, ‘Good Morning’ and starts the pledge. Everyone student stood up except for one. ” Her eyes battered fast in awe of what kind of voices will be for the Country’s future.

I had a talk with the young boy Robert*. He was your ordinary boy. Brown-eyed, cleaned-cut hair laid short above the ears. He loves playing soccer with his 15 year-old sister after school. Now, you are probably thinking, ‘This is a sweet boy. How can someone so young and innocent know such a controversial issue? “ I don’t know. I just thought it wasn’t for me.  Like I wasn’t ready I guess,” as he twiddled this thumbs above his Math homework.

Having a talk to Congress about this issue was a history lesson in itself. They have been running into this a lot but not so highly brought to the surface that our neighbor Robert* had done. “A lot of the people have had a problem having with ‘Under God’ in Nation’s pledge. “The Nation is not forcing any of our citizen’s to say the pledge.  We have been given to live this American life with freedom and liberty. A God founded country. To take it out to compromise for the other party would cost money to change currency(monies) and some may forget to NOT say “under God” in the pledge. I surely believe in our Lord and He is the authority and security for the United States of America. God bless the U.S.A.”

Today is Thursday and since Monday families have been speaking up about their children having a “Choice of Voice.” And they are going to make sure of that. “I believe and we all know this is a country of freedom. I will make sure my child is told to believe what they think is right before they step foot out my home,” says a parent after hearing this catastrophe. “No one will force my child to have an oath in something they do not feel is true.”

The United States has always been a country of Freedom and Liberty. Everyone has a say in what they do and believe.

A teacher in Cheyenne City has heard about the denial of natural practices in the morning at Green Dale Middle School. “I just cannot believe a child could do such thing. Especially to have a strong mind to know what he is doing.”


Re: Should we take Under God Out of Our Pledge

  • Posted Nov 19, 2007 at 10:14 AM PST
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I personally do not think it should be removed. Yes, we have freedom of religion in our country but saying “one nation under God” is acceptable to so many religions. God can be that one diety or many that you worship, whether it be Buddha, Allah, Heavenly Father, etc.

There was actually a pole taken on this subject. 82% of people poled believe in God and do not want that part of the Pledge removed. Why are we catering to that other 18%? Doesn’t majority rule in our country? We have gone way overboard with worrying about whether we are offending someone or not and we start to forget what is truly important.

The fact is, we ARE one nation under God. Is it so wrong to state it? And, is it so wrong to teach our children that there is a supreme being who loves them so much that he provides to them this beautiful country and all of the freedoms that they enjoy? I dare say “NO”, it is not wrong. Pledge on!







http://articles.sfgate.com/2010-03-12/bay-area/18386807_1_pledge-case-michael-newdow-appeals  (not prayer but an endorsement of fathers’ philosophy)


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